Strawberry Freshness in November


I wish it was summer time again, ya know? Because summer is just so dang good.

My friends and I went strawberry picking on a whim this summer. I was sitting at home one July afternoon, just journalling on my back deck, enjoying the sun when squad drove in my driveway. Running low on gas and high on life, we went to the u-pick in the next town over. The whole way there we had good music and good laughs. We got there, and we got on our hands and knees and struggled to put more berries in the baskets than we put in our mouths. I’m pretty sure our fingers and faces were stained that red-pink strawberry juice colour for the whole week after that, but boy, we had fun.

Later that night, we finally exhausted our time together (actually, we’re not allowed to drive past midnight with our 7.2 licenses here), we had to say goodnight. After they dropped me off, I thought about how that’s exactly what I needed – some good, healthy adventure. Nothing big or glamorous. Nothing expensive or fancy or even really that time consuming. Just happy.

This is the type of fresh I’m talking about. Not new, not boring, just happy and different.

As this is my first post here on this little blog, I realized I didn’t need anything big or full. Just some solid good, ya know? This is just a corner where you can have pillow fights and laugh one minute, but cry and be sad the next. Because life is so full of ups and downs and it’s tough to find people who are willing to admit that as much as we need them too.

This is what fresh is to me, in the here and now, though. It’s strawberry-stained fingertips and laughing with your favourite people during a great playlist.

I do not want to be your typical white-girl, posting about things that don’t really matter and using lots of words without really saying anything. Mostly, I just want to be here for you, and with you. I want to cry with you, and laugh with you. Love Jesus with you, and make mistakes with you. Do life with you. I want you to read these words and say “hey, me too. I feel that, we’re going through this together.” or I want you to laugh as hard as I laughed the first time I heard ‘that’ story too.

Let’s go through this life thing together. Let’s start fresh.


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  1. Micah Lambert · December 14, 2016

    Great post!


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