Goodness is what He has in store.

There once was two farmers, who were living in the midst of a drought. They both desperately needed rain and they both were earnestly praying for rain. One farmer stayed home, with his family, praying for rain. The other farmer left his house, and went out into the fields to prepare them for the rain. Which farm do you think God blessed with rain?

The farm that was prepared, and ready.

“‘The Lord helps those who help themselves’ is not found in the Bible, however, it is a biblical concept.” – John MacDonald.

This is such a truth, hey? The more I learn about God, the more I realized he works on the basis of our prayers and actions. He does ultimately want goodness for us, because we will use that to further his kingdom, which honours and glorifies him.

“The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.” -John Piper.

I am about to graduate high school and the questions about the future keep coming my way, especially over Christmas but just in general, as well. I feel like every time the fact that I am currently in senior year comes up, I am instantaneously questioned about what my plans are. I hate it, really. Because I have some undefined plans of travelling across oceans. And other plans of hanging out on my own corner of the world. But I can’t decide which plans are my back up plans or not.

It’s so hard to know when God is closing a door, but maybe he doesn’t? Maybe with as much prayer and dedication, God will someday swing the doors open. Maybe if it looks like he’s closed a door, but he’s still given our hearts a passion, it’s not actually a closed door. Maybe it’s a challenge to preserver. I sincerely want that from God. I want a life that is lived for a purpose, even though I can’t see it. I want to act out on my passions, in trust for the name of the Lord. I want to destroy the giant of fear and uncertainty and finical instability.

I know that God has goodness in store for us. Although I still don’t have an answer when relatives and friends ask me what my plans are for the next portion of my journey, I know that I can make my choices based on the truth and knowledge that my God has goodness in store for me and my life. And maybe during the times of your life when it feels like God is closing every single door, He is longing for you to persevere. To come, humbly and together to His side and seek. Pray. Search. Because goodness awaits. And he loves you and I. He loves our hearts, as dirty and as broken as they have ever been, and He will place passions on our hearts for grab. Reach out and utterly consume. I am so ready.

I feel like right now I need to tell you it’s not going to be easy. It won’t typically be fun and more often then not, it will probably be a struggle. I want to warn you that the devil will try to hurt your heart. So here’s my discloser: While you’re out in your field preparing for rain, be on guard, but don’t give up. The rain will come.

But through the trouble you’re about to face, find your peace in him and take heart,┬ábecause He has overcome the world – John 16:33

How blessed is our church┬áto have a God who has goodness in store for us – always?


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