This life I live

Each and everyday I want to live. I want to remember that I am alive and take full advantage of that. That’s what this post is about. If you would rather not read about it, you can just skip down to the bottom there, where I’ve posted some pictures, for you lay-off-the-novels-and-just-give-me-a-picture-book kids.

Being alive means more than just feeling the wind in my hair and the sand in my toes. It means I want to be quiet enough to hear him whisper in my ear to open my hands because he’s going to use them. And when I open my hands and take whatever it is He wants to give me, He also, graciously, gives me this weird thing called joy.

I made a little list about a month ago that started off as little. It is not that little anymore and it’s decreasing the storage on my phone every single day. My ‘ALIVE’ list, as I so cleverly named it, consists of some the things I love about this life — the things that make me feel alive. I want to live every single day and remind myself I’m living by adding to the list.

PURPOSE: I don’t believe we were called to live in the mundane because folding laundry is boring but listening to funny podcasts is not. When you can do both at once, you begin to enjoy the laundry. This is living.
So you see, even while I’m doing all the ‘mundane’ life things, I still want to live. I want to still feel alive. I want to embrace joy in ALL areas of my life. That’s why I celebrate the big things on my ALIVE list too.

Paul was this cool Bible guy, and he is like the ultimate Bible hero at this. And even my modern day heroes all share the same trait — they know that whatever circumstances they are in, they can count it all as joy because of the confidence they have in Christ.


These role models in my life have lived out these verses so well

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”  James 1:2-3


Here’s my list, guys. This list has taught me to stop seeing mundane life things as boring. It also has taught me to count my blessings and experience all the joy this life has to offer. I hope some of this resonates with you. I hope of some of this makes you laugh, because some of these are kind of embarrassing (see #8 for example). But really, I hope after you close this tab on your computer, you will grasp onto this life thing a little tighter, and you will be inspired to find a way to smile the next time you load the dishwasher.

// ALIVE //

  1. Reading my Bible
  2. Praying
  3. Worship
  4. Listening to I Lived, by OneRepublic, with the windows rolled down while trying to make a wave with my arm out the window
  5. Staying home all day and actually being productive
  6. Good, hot, black coffee.
  7. Having beach days at the ocean / being in the ocean / smelling like ocean / sea salt in my hair
  8. Real life fruit ninja
  9. Early morning prayers while on a run
  10. Great Spotify playlists
  11. (Pretty pictures of) Rainbows over the Miramichi river
  12. Spending time with my family in small but cute ways like waffle dates
  13. Waking up really refreshed
  14. Road trips
  15. FaceTiming my friends and family from other provinces
  16. CAMP FIRES with good conversation
  17. Reading Psalm 107 when my heart is uneasy
  18. Listening to below my feet
  19. Painball
  20. Seeing the stars at 3am
  21. Friends sending me typed out portions of verses so I don’t need to look them up myself
  22. Healthy Productivity
  23. 9 minute Oreo runs (Leaving the church and being back all within 9 minutes because of friends who cannot eat anything except Oreos) 🎉
  24. Photoshoots
  25. Cute outfits
  26. Going Christmas tree hunting with my friends’ family
  27. Fireworks at Niagara Falls
  28. The Dancing Goat. Especially the iced coffee and the lemonade and the DG veggie sandwich.
  29. Dancing and singing into my hairbrush while I get ready for school on Friday mornings
  30. Loving Friday as much as I love Monday because this has been such. a. good. week.
  31. Falling asleep to the tune of Niagara Falls
  32. My best friend asking me if I want to go on a last minute trip to Iceland
  33. Mom telling me I can go to Iceland with my best friend
  34. Calling my best friend to tell her I can go to Iceland with her and having her be excited with me and for me
  35. Friday night game nights
  36. Colour Runnin’
  37. Summer pictures
  38. Being in Cape Breton
  39. Drawing things
  40. Just dance
  41. Sunny Saturday mornings picking dandelions and climbing trees
  42. Church
  43. Waterfall catching
  44. Ben Rector on Sunday mornings
  45. Hitting 500 Insta followers
  46. Lunch / Coffee dates
  47. Hiking
  48. Frugal lifestyle
  49. Living loved
  50. Having friends over to the house in the summer
  51. Shooting stars
  52. Playing music with friends who are a lot better at music than me
  54. Going to Iceland with my best friend
  55. Eating ice cream even though I’m not supposed to
  56. Posting blog posts
  57. Making lists
  58. Completing assignments and passing in fat stacks of paper that were a lot of hard work
  59. Cleaning my phone case so it looks new again
  60. Rocking interviews
  61. Knowing at the end of the day my family loves me and my friends love me and my God loves me, more than I can imagine. Knowing that I am blessed beyond measure.

& for you novel-haters, as promised, here are some pictures I have in frames around the corners of my life to evidently remind myself I am living.


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